Weisshorn, Randa, Visp, Wallis, 3928, Švicarska

The Weisshorn, standing at 4,506 meters, is a prominent peak in Switzerland’s Pennine Alps, located between the Anniviers and Zermatt valleys in the canton of Valais. First ascended in 1861 by Irish physicist John Tyndall with guides J.J. Bennen and Ulrich Wenger, the Weisshorn is admired for its pyramidal shape and is often considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps.

Geographically, the Weisshorn is the focal point of a chain separating several valleys and faces the higher Dom across the Mattertal. It is notable for its three steep ridges and glaciers, including the Bis and Schali glaciers. The Weisshorn’s composition is primarily gneiss, with its west face also comprising cretaceous sedimentary rocks, belonging to the Austroalpine nappes.