Uia di Ciamarella

Uia di Ciamarella, Groscavallo, Unione Montana Alpi Graie, Torino, Piedmont, Italija

Uia di Ciamarella, also simply known as Ciamarella, rises to an elevation of 3,676 meters, marking the border between France and Italy. Nestled in the Graian Alps, this mountain is a striking feature in the landscape, drawing the attention of mountaineers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Classified under the SOIUSA system, Uia di Ciamarella falls within the Western Alps, specifically in the North Western sector of the Graian Alps. It is part of the Arnas-Ciamarella chain, known as the catena Arnas-Ciamarella in Italy and chaîne Ouille d’Arbéon – Ciamarella in France. This mountain is a significant part of the Ciamarella-Mondrone group, highlighting its prominence in the South-Eastern Graian Alps region. The unique geographical and geological characteristics of Uia di Ciamarella make it a notable destination for those exploring the Alpine ranges.