Trugberg, Fieschertal, Goms, Wallis, 3801, Švicarska

The Trugberg, a notable mountain in the Swiss Bernese Alps, stands at an elevation of 3,933 meters. It’s situated south of the Mönch in the canton of Valais and prominently overlooks the Konkordiaplatz. This unique position allows the Trugberg to witness the convergence of the Jungfraufirn and the Ewigschneefeld, which together form the source of the great Aletsch Glacier. The mountain is particularly known for its role in forming one of the major supraglacial moraines of the Aletsch Glacier.

The name Trugberg, translating to “Deceitful Mountain,” stems from an interesting historical anecdote. In 1841, explorers including Pierre Jean Édouard Desor and Louis Agassiz initially mistook the Trugberg for their actual target, the Jungfrau. Upon realizing their error, they aptly named the mountain for its misleading appearance.

The first successful ascent of the Trugberg was achieved on July 13, 1871, by Dr. Emil Burckardt from Basel, accompanied by local guides Peter Egger and Peter Schlegel. They made their ascent via the mountain’s east flank, marking a significant moment in the history of Alpine climbing. The Trugberg, with its challenging terrain and historical significance, continues to be a destination for mountaineers seeking to experience the unique beauty and challenges of the Swiss Alps.