Strahlhorn, Saas-Almagell, Visp, Wallis, 3905, Švicarska

The Strahlhorn, standing at 4,190 meters, is a prominent mountain in the Swiss Pennine Alps. It is strategically located south of Saas-Fee and east of Zermatt in the canton of Valais, serving as an important geographic landmark separating the Mattertal and the Saastal. This mountain is part of a range that includes other notable peaks like the Rimpfischhorn and the Schwarzberghorn.

First ascended on 15 August 1854 by Christopher Smyth, Ulrich Lauener, Edmund J. Grenville, and Franz-Josef Andenmatten, the Strahlhorn is renowned for its classic alpine climbing routes. The ascent, typically a basic snow climb, presents climbers with a blend of moderate technical challenges and breathtaking panoramic views.

In addition to its mountaineering appeal, the Strahlhorn is significant for its glaciology and the role it plays in the broader ecosystem of the Alps. Its position amidst major valleys like the Mattertal and Saastal gives it an important place in the hydrological network of the region, contributing to the water systems that flow through these valleys.

The Strahlhorn, while not as well-known as some of its neighboring peaks, offers a unique alpine experience, marked by its serene beauty and the relatively peaceful climbing environment it provides, away from the more frequented paths of the nearby, more famous mountains.