Schinhorn, Blatten, Westlich Raron, Wallis, 3919, Švicarska

Nestled in the heart of the Bernese Alps, the Schinhorn stands as a majestic peak in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Towering at an elevation of 3,797 meters, it presents a stunning vista, sandwiched between the valleys of Lötschental to the north and Oberaletsch to the south. A subsidiary to the imposing Aletschhorn, the Schinhorn adds to the grandeur of the alpine landscape with its notable prominence of 422 meters. This mountain first felt the tread of adventurers on its summit on August 30, 1869, conquered by E. J. Häberlin and the Weissenfluh brothers, Johann and Andreas. Its position offers a unique perspective of the surrounding peaks, making it a cherished destination for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts alike. The Schinhorn, with its striking features and historical ascent, continues to be a symbol of the alpine beauty and challenge inherent in the Swiss Alps.