Rimpfischhorn, Täsch, Visp, Wallis, 3929, Švicarska

The Rimpfischhorn, standing at 4,199 meters, is a notable mountain in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland, within the Valais region. First ascended on 9 September 1859 by Leslie Stephen, Robert Liveing, and their guides Melchior Anderegg and Johann Zumtaugwald, the Rimpfischhorn has since been a destination for many alpine climbers.

Its location in the Pennine Alps places it in proximity to other prominent peaks like the Dom, its parent peak. The Rimpfischhorn’s ascent route, which started from Fluh Alp via the Rimpfischwänge, is known for its snow-covered slopes and glacier traverses, particularly on its north-west ridge. The prominence of the peak, coupled with its challenging terrain, has made it a significant feature in the Swiss Alps. The Rimpfischhorn, along with other mountains in the region, forms part of the breathtaking alpine landscape that attracts climbers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts from around the world.