Piz Morteratsch

Piz Morteratsch, Samedan, Maloja, Grisons, 7503, Švicarska

Piz Morteratsch, standing at an elevation of 3,751 meters, is a notable peak within the majestic Bernina Range of Switzerland. This mountain, renowned for its accessibility, is embraced by the grandeur of the Morteratsch Glacier to the east and the Tschierva Glacier to the southwest. The summit offers an exhilarating climb, especially for those taking the route first pioneered by C. Brügger and P. Gensler with guides Karl Emmermann and Angelo Klaingutti on September 11, 1858. The mountain’s three ridges, South-south-east, East-north-east, and South-west, each offer a unique climbing experience, ranging from moderate to more challenging ascents. Notably, the mountain is conveniently serviced by the Boval hut, providing climbers with a base for their ascent. Piz Morteratsch is not just a climb but an experience, offering awe-inspiring views and a tangible connection with the heart of the Swiss Alps.