Nesthorn, Naters, Brig, Wallis, Švicarska

The Nesthorn, a magnificent mountain in the Bernese Alps, stands proudly at an altitude of 3,822 meters. Located in the Swiss canton of Valais, it presents a grand sight north of Brig. This alpine giant is beautifully positioned between the Oberaletsch Glacier to its north and east, and the serene Gredetschtal to the south. It forms an integral part of the Bernese Alps subrange that reaches its zenith at the Aletschhorn.

The first ascent of Nesthorn was triumphantly achieved in 1865 by B. George and H. Mortimer, alongside the seasoned guides Ulrich and Christian Almer. Starting their journey from Belalp, they maneuvered a challenging route near the Beich Firn’s west branch. Their climb included navigating steep ice slopes and rock protrusions. After a six-hour journey, which did not include their breaks, they finally reached the summit, adding another chapter to the rich mountaineering history of the Swiss Alps.