Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa, Zermatt, Visp, Wallis, 3920, Švicarska

Monte Rosa, a prominent mountain massif in the eastern Pennine Alps, lies on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It boasts the Dufourspitze at 4,634 meters, the second-highest peak in the Alps and Western Europe. The massif, which includes several peaks over 4,000 meters, is known for its impressive east face that forms the highest mountain wall in the Alps.

This range marks the watershed between the Rhône and Po basins and has significant topographic prominence. Monte Rosa’s massif features four faces with notable glaciers, especially on the Swiss northwestern face, flowing towards Zermatt. The Dufourspitze, named in honor of Guillaume-Henri Dufour, is the massif’s highest summit, followed by several nearly equal subsidiary summits.

Monte Rosa is significant in geological studies and mountaineering history, including first ascents in the 19th century. Today, it’s a popular destination for climbers and tourists, offering breathtaking panoramas and challenging routes. The massif’s name, unrelated to the words “pink” or “rose,” is derived from the patois word “rouése,” meaning “glacier.” Monte Rosa’s diverse geography and climate contribute to its status as a prominent feature in the Alpine region.