Monte Disgrazia

Monte Disgrazia, Chiesa in Valmalenco, Comunità montana della Valtellina di Sondrio, Sondrio, Lombardy, 23023, Italija

Monte Disgrazia, standing at 3,678 meters, is a prominent peak in the Bregaglia Range of the Italian Alps. Known in Lombard as Mont Des’giascia, which translates to ‘Mount Defrost,’ it is the highest summit in the Val Masino group, located south of the famed Bernina Range. This granite mountain is characterized by its challenging topography, featuring five glaciers and five rugged ridges, making it a demanding climb for mountaineers. The first ascent was accomplished on 23 August 1862 by Leslie Stephen, E. S. Kennedy, and Thomas Cox, accompanied by the guide Melchior Anderegg. They navigated the Preda Rossa glacier and ascended via the northwest ridge, a route that remains the most accessible path to the summit.