Moench, Fieschertal, Goms, Oberland administrative region, Wallis, 3801, Švicarska

The Mönch, towering at 4,110 meters, is a prominent mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. Forming a striking group along with the Eiger and the Jungfrau, the Mönch is visible from great distances and contributes significantly to the iconic skyline of the region.

Straddling the border between the cantons of Valais and Bern, the Mönch lies within a mountain ridge that includes the Jungfrau to the west and the Eiger to the east. Near the Mönchsjoch pass and the Mönchsjoch Hut, it overlooks the Jungfraufirn and Ewigschneefäld, tributaries of the Great Aletsch Glacier. The north face of the Mönch presents a steep wall over the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Significantly, the Jungfrau railway tunnel passes beneath the mountain, highlighting the intersection of natural splendor and human engineering. The first recorded ascent of the Mönch was on 15 August 1857 by Christian Almer, Christian Kaufmann, Ulrich Kaufmann, and Sigismund Porges, marking it as a historic climb in the annals of mountaineering. The Mönch continues to be a popular destination for climbers, offering a challenging yet rewarding ascent.