Lagginhorn, Saas-Grund, Visp, Wallis, 3910, Švicarska

The Lagginhorn, reaching an elevation of 4,010 meters, is a notable mountain in the Swiss Pennine Alps, positioned near its higher neighbor, the Weissmies, and the slightly lower Fletschhorn. It holds the distinction of being the last four-thousander in the main chain before the Simplon Pass and is the lowest four-thousander in Switzerland.

The mountain’s first ascent was achieved on August 26, 1856, by Edward Levi Ames, several English companions, Saas Grund clergyman Johann Josef Imseng, Franz Andenmatten, and other local guides. Notably, the Lagginhorn offers unique rock climbing experiences, distinct from the typical snow climbs of the region. It features a variety of routes, including the West-South-West Ridge (PD), the challenging South Ridge (AD, III), and the North-North-East Ridge via Fletschhorn (PD+). The mountain is served by several huts, including the Weissmies Hut (2,726 m), Berghaus Hohsaas (3,100 m), and the Laggin Bivouac (2,425 m), providing accommodations for climbers undertaking this alpine adventure.