La Singla

La Sengla Centrale, Val de Bagnes, Entremont, Wallis, 1934, Švicarska

Glacier d'Otemma, Evolène, Val de Bagnes, Entremont, Wallis, 1934, Švicarska

La Singla, rising to an elevation of 3,714 meters, is a distinguished peak situated in the heart of the Pennine Alps. Straddling the border between Switzerland and Italy, it stands as a prominent feature between the Bagnes Valley in Valais and the Valpelline Valley in the Aosta Valley. This mountain is notable for its striking prominence and geographical significance in the region.

The northern face of La Singla presents a breathtaking view of the expansive Otemma Glacier, showcasing a blend of rugged alpine terrain and glacial beauty. The mountain’s location and height make it a notable point in the alpine landscape, offering spectacular views and a challenging experience for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts. La Singla’s peak, with its remarkable elevation, is a testament to the majestic and unspoiled nature of the Alps.