Grivola, Valsavarenche, Aosta Valley, Italija

The Grivola, peaking at 3,969 meters, is a significant mountain located in the Graian Alps in Italy, nestled between the Valsavarenche and the Cogne Valley. This majestic peak has been known by various names in the past, including Pic de Cogne, Grivolet, Bec de Grivola, and Aiguille de Grivola. The name “Grivola” first emerged in 1845, with its etymology linked to the Valdôtain word “griva,” meaning a song thrush, or “grivoline,” referring to a pretty young girl, akin to the Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.

SOIUSA, the International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps, categorizes Grivola within the Western Alps, specifically as part of the North-eastern Graian Alps and the Catena del Gran Paradiso supergroup.

Several alpine huts serve as bases for climbers and hikers exploring Grivola, including Rifugio Federico Chabod, Bivacco Luciano Gratton, Bivacco Mario Balzola, Bivacco Mario Gontier, Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele II, and Rifugio Vittorio Sella. These huts provide essential shelter and support for those venturing into the high alpine environment of this striking mountain.