Grand Cornier

Grand Cornier, Anniviers, Sierre, Wallis, 3961, Švicarska

The Grand Cornier, standing at an impressive 3,962 meters, is a notable mountain in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland, conveniently located about 2 kilometers north of the Dent Blanche. This remarkable peak holds a special place in the annals of mountaineering history, being first ascended on June 16, 1865, by a team comprising the renowned Edward Whymper, Christian Almer, Michel Croz, and F. Biner. Their pioneering journey was accomplished via the east ridge, a route that continues to inspire climbers to this day.

The mountain’s challenging terrain is commonly approached from two key alpine huts: the Mountet Hut, situated at an altitude of 2,886 meters, and the Moiry Hut, positioned at 2,825 meters. These huts serve as crucial base points for climbers attempting the ascent of the Grand Cornier, providing essential shelter and a starting point for the journey to its summit.