Bietschhorn, Baltschieder, Visp, Wallis, 3937, Švicarska

The Bietschhorn, towering at 3,934 meters, is an eminent peak in the Swiss canton of Valais, nestled within the southern part of the Bernese Alps. It is prominently positioned on the south side of the Lötschental valley, marking the north end of both the Bietschtal and Baltschiedertal valleys. This striking mountain forms a part of the celebrated Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also encompasses the renowned Jungfrau and the majestic Aletsch Glacier.

The Bietschhorn’s first ascent was accomplished on August 13, 1859, by Leslie Stephen, accompanied by guides Anton Siegen, Johann Siegen, and Joseph Ebener. While this remarkable achievement in mountaineering history is not detailed in Leslie Stephen’s acclaimed book “The Playground of Europe,” it remains a significant milestone in the climbing annals of the region.

For climbers and mountaineers, the typical ascent routes to the Bietschhorn originate from either the Bietschhornhütte or the Baltschiederklause, both serving as pivotal access points for this grand Alpine adventure. The Bietschhorn, with its steep slopes and striking prominence, continues to be a revered destination for climbing enthusiasts, offering a blend of challenging terrain and breathtaking alpine vistas.