Alphubel, Täsch, Visp, Wallis, 3929, Švicarska

The Alphubel, rising to 4,206 meters, is a significant mountain in the Swiss Pennine Alps, nestled between the valleys of Zermatt and Saas in the Valais canton. As part of the Allalin subgroup of the Mischabel Group, it boasts a summit with an extensive ice plateau, contributing to the Fee Glacier on its east side. The west face presents a stark contrast with its steeper, rockier terrain.

First ascended in 1860, the Alphubel is geographically linked to the Täschhorn and Allalinhorn via ridges and saddles. Its flat summit area, distinctive among its neighbors, hosts several glaciers, including the Weingarten and Fee Glaciers, highlighting its significance in the alpine landscape. The mountain’s diverse topography and glaciation make it a notable feature in the Swiss Alps.